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David Dominic, Jr.

I could write a bunch of words here. But words tend to be only detailed advocates for the narrator. Frequently they control the narrative with a hidden iron grasp and guide the reader into only one possible path, agreement with the author, unless you are a persistent devil's advocate. One of the things that I love about photography is that it presents something to the viewer with little more than the image and maybe a title and it lets the viewer write the chapters. Depending on the viewer's time commitment to the photograph, the chapter can be very Sir Thomas Mallory, or it can be Shakespeare. Below are photographs of me to give you some of the chapter names of who I am. If you are a devil's advocate, you could ask "What photographs has he left out?" and I would applaud you.

Toddler David Dominic Jr dancing in Native American regalia
Lil Dave
1980s youth with velour shirt and chess trophy
Chess Champion
1980s youth with horse and first place ribbon
My horse Polaroid
1980s youth riding saddle bronc rodel
State Rodeo Champion
1980s youth playing baseball
Ditch Digger
Father and daughter horsing aroung making faces
Father to a daughter
Father and son smiling
Father to a son
Stepdad and stepson on carnival ride
Future stepdad
Family of four with adult children pose in front of tree
Son and Brother
Native American in regalia with grown son
Native Son
Man and woman stand in front of heart grafitti while holding hands
Future husband
Two Michigan alumni smiling at game in rain
Michigan roommate alumni
Three friends stand with arms around each other after a concert
the Unholy Trinity
Man behind video camera shooting
Music video director
Engineer behind the wheel of a Nascar
Vehicle Dynamics Engineer
Surfer on beach with board
Surf's up!
Alpine mountaineer with mirror sunglasses helmet and backpack on a mountain
Alpine Mountaineer
Man with sunglasses playing electric guitar at streetfair
Sometimes Guitarist
Man under ladder holding it on movie set
Movie Set Grip
Handsome man standing with Michael Cera on movie set
Michael Cera
Two men carrying mountain bikes through a stream
Adventure Racing
Two men standing atop Mount Hood with American flag
Mount Hood
Three men standing atop Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier
Three men standing atop Mount Washington in a snow storm
Mount Washington
Father and daughter stand with Alex Honnold in a climbing gym
Alex Honnold
Jack White and man in frumpy tee shirt because he was up all the night before working on a new camera technique
Jack White
Man with Matt from band Matt and Kim
Man with Kim from band Matt and Kim
and Kim
Two backpackers starting journey on Isle Royale National Park
Isle Royale buds
Fan with Alejandro Escovedo
Alejandro Escovedo
Henry Rollins and Jim Jarmusch
Rollins and Jarmusch
Grown man with Mary Poppins look a like
Finally met "Mary Poppins"
Ellis Marsalis and fan outside Snug Harbor
Ellis Marsalis Jr.
Two hikers sitting in chairs with a beer next to Tropic of Capricorn sign
Pat Smear and fan
Pat Smear
Chi Pig and fan
Chi Pig