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Two mountaineers ascend Mount Hood
Mount Hood ascent
Mountaineer ascends Mount Rainier
Mount Rainier ascent
Close up of ice climber climbing
Ice climbing New Hampshire
Ice climbing tools laying in the snow
Ice Tools
Close up altimeter on a watch on a wrist in the mountains
Above 10,000 feet, home
Close up of ice climbing screw with carabiner
Ice climbing hardware
Ice climber on pillar of ice at the Amphitheater in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan
The Amphitheater, Munising Michigan
Rock climber on rock face of the Manure Pile in Yosemite National Park
The Manure Pile, Yosemite
Ice climbers climbing in snow storm in Munising Michigan
Snow Storm, Munising Michigan
Two young mountaineers review a map with a guide
Young mountaineers, Mount Washington NH
Summit marker for Mount Marcy New York's high point
Mount Marcy, NY
Camping stovepot with bowl of food and coffee mug
Breaky on Isle Royale